Drinking whiskey is secret to long life, says 111 year old

One of the oldest people in the country claims the secret to a long life is drinking a shot of whiskey a night.

Grace Jones, who just turned 111, admitted she doesn’t feel any different than a 21 year old and credits knocking back a shot of bourbon to living to the grand age.

While Grace says whiskey-sipping has been the key to her longevity, her daughter, Deirdre – who is turning 80 soon – said she thinks it’s her positive attitude that has kept her going.

Deirdre told Metro.co.uk: “She’s a very positive person and never seems to worry about anything.

“She’s also very lively and interested in everything and everyone. She loved moving around. She’s the kind of person who cannot understand why anybody would want to live the quiet life.”

Grace – who is also known as Amazing Grace – is the sixth oldest person in the UK.

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