#Gadgets: 5 tips on finding the perfect men’s Grooming Clippers

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Men, it pays having a pair of hair clippers around to meet all of your grooming standards. Whether it’s a quick trim for your beard, managing your sideburns, or even some frequent manscaping; investing in a solid set of clippers will definitely improve your daily grooming and save you money.

Electric hair clippers are motorized comb-like blades that operate like several scissors working in unison to trim hair, at varying lengths. Since there are so many clippers in the market, all offering different performances and designs, here are five key factors you should take into consideration:

  • Precision: Does it have varying blade length settings or different combs so that you can trim and cut in the exact style that you want.

  • Closeness: Sometimes you really want a close trim, does it have the finesse to allow you to adjust the blade for maximum closeness?

  • Less heat: A good pair of hair clippers will glide through thick hair reliably, while never overheating or producing irritable noise. Are the clippers overheating after several minutes of work? Choose a device that mitigates that problem such as how Philips uses a copper motor coil for less heat

  • Durability:  Are the blades getting blunt? Blunt blades make cutting hair more difficult and can sometimes end up doing more harm than good. Select a device that uses Pro steel blades, which compared to competitors in the market, last four times longer.

  • Skin friendliness: Bumps and rashes are not only a terrible look, but continuous irritation can be an opportunity for bacteria to fester. Make sure you choose a device that has a protective tip for guaranteed less skin irritation like in the Philips Clipper Pro or Home.

In the Kenyan market, only the recently launched two Philips grooming clippers satisfy the above five considerations. Check out the Philips Clipper Pro HC 5100 (For Barbers/Professional use) and the Philips Clipper Home HC3100 (For Home Use) for one of the more superior grooming experiences available in Kenya.



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