MIT and Microsoft create world’s first Smart Tattoo

smart tattoo

Scientists have created a tattoo that allows users to control smartphones, open doors and change TV channels.

A group of MIT researches have created the ‘Smart Tattoo’, which can connect to electronic gadgets by having the devices programmed into the skin and artwork.

The team behind the invention explained the concept to the Daily Mirror newspaper, stating: “Using gold metal leaf, a material that is cheap, skin-friendly, and robust for everyday wear, we demonstrate three types of on-skin interfaces: sensing touch input, displaying output, and wireless communication.”

The Smart Tattoo, which works by replicating an electrical circuit in gold leaf material that can be temporarily attached to skin, is known officially as DuoSkin, and aims to allow users to tap or swipe in the same way they would their touchscreen in order to control their gadgets.

The developers explained: “We believe on-skin electronics will no longer be black-boxed and mystified; instead, they will converge towards the user friendliness, extensibility, and aesthetics of body decorations, forming a DuoSkin integrated to the extent that it has seemingly disappeared.”

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