Jared Leto plans to “walk away” from acting

jared leto

Jared Leto can see a day where he walks away from acting in order to “explore other avenues”.

The ‘Suicide Squad’ star can picture a day where he turns his back on his movie career as he wants to do other things, and doesn’t think his work will be at the same standard it is now in a few decades time.

He said: “I think I could just walk away. There’s a big world out there. There’s a lot to explore.

“Some people have fun doing it into their 80s or 90s and there’s great examples of directors and actors doing wonderful work as they’re older, but I don’t think that I would. But what the f**k do I know? I have no idea. I think it would be interesting to explore other avenues.”

But while he can see himself giving up acting, the 44-year-old star can’t ever picture a day without his band Thirty Seconds To Mars.

He told Rolling Stone magazine: “I think of the band as an extension of our life.

“It’s not our job – it’s so much of who we are. I don’t. It’s so personal. I don’t think that it would ever really be gone.

“But I don’t know if we’ll tour the way we toured in the past.”

As Thirty Seconds To Mars took off over the last decade, the ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ star scaled back his movie-making commitments and admitted taking time away made him question his abilities and wonder whether he even wanted to go back to acting.

He said: “I wondered whether I had anything to offer and if I was interested in pursuing it. I had a very full plate with music at that time, and I knew that I had to put everything into this one area in order for it to work.

“At that point, the impossible was happening. We were playing arenas around the world and headlining some of the biggest festivals in the world.

“We really watched something grow and build and it was like, you know, we knew we had to. It was necessary to do that sort of thing, to focus, to commit. And I’m glad I did that. I have no regrets. “

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