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    Thank God for Mike Zuckerberg we are able to champion our rights on social media. Guys please help me share this story with all your friends we get shame these few ppolice thugs that are making it bad for the few good policemen serving Kenyans. I have tried to reach my Mp Theuri and even Councillor with no success since their walls are moderated and I count write to them nor get their emails. By sharing I hope this will get to someone who has power to do something. The story below happened to me in Umoja estate last night, and goes on with impunity under our noses. I could not believe it and I have decided to take action. Your advice or help will be much appreciated.

    I am very displeased with the police patrolling Umoja. I was arrested and as I write this I am just from the cell. I was arrested as I was leaving the Kenchic at Umoja and staffed into a police landcruiser with many other people that were just from work, including women. We went round in the vehicle until 1 am when some of the people were clearly from work and had to get back to work in the morning. First of all we were told we were arrested cause of walking at night. I would like to know what law did I break if I decide to go buy fast food at 11pm. Aren’t we in a free country. We are talking of a 24 hour economy but I get arrested when I get out after 10pm, hell I am at liberty to walk anywhere in this country at any time, isn’t that the independence we attained in 1963.

    I was very shocked the way the police vehicle moves around just arresting people who clearly haven’t broken any offence. People coming back from work and worse still even women who you could not mistake for having children and a family. The policemen were drunk and chewing miraa and no one was allowed to speak back at them. When I tried asking them why I was arrested, they threatened me and asked me to shut up if I don’t want deep trouble. This is the first time I have been arrested in my life and I could not believe this happens right under our noses, when we are suppose to be a free state.

    I tried to get the registration for the vehicle on patrol a land-cruiser but the registration was blocked by the tailgate of the car and cause of the darkness I could not make out the registration. Because they were obviously intoxicated we were afraid to ask for their registration numbers which were clearly covered. One of them wore a Russian style head cover designed for snow environments. At the Chief station we were told to part with Khs 500 each for our freedom or be taken to BuruBuru police station the next morning, for charges no one knew, am told they normally just create bogus charges and sometimes even plant false evidence, like marijuana on innocent citizens just to get them to cough the money they want. Since this is a major inconvenience and no one has that much time to waste like these policemen think. I had to call a friend to drive over with money to come and get me.

    It is very painful that I am partly disabled due to an accident I had a few years back and I was being harassed to jump into the land-cruiser, and they din’t want to listen despite me telling them one of my legs is lazy, plus some of us Kenyans work so hard to earn a living then get robbed by the same people we are suppose to trust and work with. I am planning to make a lot of noise about this kind of treatment to innocent wananchi. I counted 13 people who had been arrested and I left 4 people at the cell which means the rest of us parted with Ks 500 each, keep in mind this happens everyday. They go around Moi drive just picking up innocent Kenyans everyday, to make it worse, to put 10 people in a 1 meter by 1 meter cell to spend the night is a gross violation of human rights. And to go through this when you are not even a criminal is psychologically disturbing.

    If you have any advice on how I can pursue this let me know, but I know there is something you can do about this. It’s about time these kind of barbaric acts are aired out in the open. Tomorrow I will go there to see the Chief if he knows this goes on everyday, since am told it happens everyday. I will try getting support from a few radio stations, its the only way we can air our shame in the society. All we want is peace, and to love our country as free citizens of our beloved Nation how can we do that when the same people who took an oath to serve and protect us are the ones robbing us with impunity. It’s a disgrace to this nation and an insult to innocent hard working Kenyan who toil in blood and sweat to make this nation better. Thank you for reading and I will be more than glad if you shared this.

    Washington Junior

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