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  • Eunice Munga

    The rule of law is what guides citizens of this country my worry is, is there no law that governs our brothers and sisters in these areas?  Security is every citizens right and it seems the govt is lagging in this crucial area.

  • Mkenya

    Poor Kenyans, as they say Marsabit is not Kenya. How comes the media rarely reports on this. I think the media should be the first to bring out their problems, that way it will get government attention. I wonder what NGOs are always doing there? that town looks empty, it is the high time those NGOs are also questioned But of course it is the responsibility of the government to provide security. What of the MPs from the area? What is their work? I think Kenyans have to seriously think about the kind of leaders they elect. I wish there is civic education to enlighten the people in Northern Kenya. They have to be active in the kind of leaders they choose.

  • john kaingu

    there is urgent need for an end to such stories especially when you look at the surrounding environment you are in and the environment these people are in,makes you wonder whether we are in the same country under the same governance and begins with us,in as much as we might try to argue out that poverty is not a key factor in these people’s plight but yes indeed poverty is majorly involved in the high levels of insecurity.emphasis on education,exposure to a diverse,dynamic knowledge brought about by education brings in wisdom and one will be able to choose virtue over vice.because the people causing the insecurity are their neighbors,relatives and members of the same community.they are not from somewhere far else.let us champion for education and trully achieving peace will be a practicle and achievable “vision 2030” for them.

  • wario

    I understand the people of marsabit because I happen to come from the county of marsabit. I remember when we were young communities used to steal livestock but the use of guns is something which has puzzled many of us. our leaders have decided not to take any action to reconcile these communities. on the other hand the provincial administration as completely missed what brought them there. The district commissioner, the ocpd, the ocs and other senior government official know what brought them there is to make money for themselves. whenever there is  a report the animals are stolen or people are killed the take one side which make the other community who are grieved with questions. there communities which there cases are taken to the later but for some there is no follow up. this make the other community to make sure they revenge. last time when they did the disarming they only disarm one community and leaving the other at the mercy of the other. so we hope with the county government coming in to effect God willing after the next general election things will change for the better.

  • Wachira Thangi

    This is positive journalism at a time when all coverage seems to concentrate on politics. The issues raised; security, transport, cattle rustling, peace and hope of fellow Kenyans are paramount.

  • Mutie

     I have been to Marsabit before and I know the depth of insecurity there. These poor people need to be sorted … woooi

  • Galgalo

    At last, a story form my homeland!!! Kudos capital FM.

  • Sharleen

    Where is our government? They are busy politicking here and our people are suffering with insecurity as if they are not Kenyans. Something must be done, or they should all resign and go home. we want….leaders who care for their people!!

  • Nura Galgalo

    we need to be heard, please media there is a lot happening in Marsabit. people die like flies no one cares, the police dont care, we live knowing we can die any minute, our relatives are always killed, burrials here are normal, the governemnt dont know, it dont care

  • Bridget Akinyi

    no wonder we are being attacked everyday, we cannot even control ourselves. this Kenya is full of shame. all politicians do is to heckle and heckle and run across corners making empty promises, they are all useless! I think we Kenyans have to wake up from our sleep, we are also to blame for refusing to elect good leaders, we have a chance again, please remove this good for nothing empty talkers who are interesting in seeing us suffering

  • abdi

    Marsabit county is a county of shame where leaders starting with the area governor and the elected leaders do not know their roles and responsibilities to build harmony in the county of a fragile peace. What is clear with this leaders is to ponder the resources meant for development for their selfish end use during campaign while ensuring the ignorant community members are engaged in slaughtering each other instead of holding them accountable for the resources that are channeled through them. With this type of leaders the future is deem for the county. One thing, that this leaders must know is that security is a collective responsibility and not limited to the central government or the security forces. Leaders wakeup and play you part in the peace building effort by investing and believing in it and stop misleading your communities and be accountable. The county people must stop the onslaught against each other and turn around against their leaders and ensure they are accountable to them. Point to note is that this leaders are only benefiting their close relatives and cronies not the community

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