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  • Karisasi

    Raila made it true.
    Tell them off Mheshimiwa they are just bunch of non-believers and accused of the most heinous crimes committed in the history of Kenya.
    Burning innocent women and children alive when they seeked refuge in Kiambaa church,beheading Luos and Luhyas in Nakuru and Naivasha using machetes and saw machines,raping women and their young innocent daughters are things Kenya should remember before they say Uhuru or Ruto tosha.
    Pwani iko na wewe!!!!.

    • chris

       why cannt you say uko na yeye than saying tuko na wewe?cause am from kpwani n i cannt listen to kigeugeu

      • upuzi tele

        You are free to listen the terrorist group in Pwani.

    • Anonymous

      Total nonsense. Who was shouting ‘No Raila, No Peace’? Who attacked people in RV, Kisumu and parts of Nairobi and Mombasa? Pwani is democratic and not everybody is with this liar. I am also from Coast and i can tell you many people are also for G7 so speak for yourself. We know some of our people also killed upcountry people especially in 2008 because of being incited by this evil man and only ignorant people like you can follow him. We have nothing to gain from being incited again by this man to hate our upcountry brothers. We are all Kenyans.

  • Aptbks

    Cry babies like Rutos n Nyamweyas holding to straws as they drawn . Cheap and very hopeless. amazing that Isaac Ruto cant remember they wanted hague with every fiber in them. Rutos of this World think “stop Raila”  is the greatest manifesto ever invented. STUPID!

  • Prex23

    Fuckin Kenyans, will never amount to anything!  Primitives, always Politicking , lazy and often begging for handouts from countries whose citizens work hard for their country.

  • Hassan1321

    A face off is a prelude to a fight…….this was a argument which tantamount to nothing but a bloody waste of energy and makes us all  look  foolish……..Raila should grow up and shut up ……he’s suppose to be president in waiting….when he argues with kina Ruto he lowers himself down and makes the case for the otherside….dont argue with anyone RAILA coz u legitimizing them and giving them platfoarm……the more u argue with them the popular they become….got it… dont be praying 4 no one, dont talk anyone down let the criminal justus take its course and at the end day  u’ll be vindicated and win the prize…..we so sooooo close to the cup Raila do ur thing and dont let this folks test u……WE ALL KNOW U GOT THIN SKIN MWESHIMIWA.

  • Jingotsi

    My bro Prex 23,Don’t miss this point because you are hard working,and knowledgeable but I think not learned.Life is equal to both with all kinds of status.We ought to continue learning our political system and shape it.Failed political systems are in Somali ,Sudan name them and  I believe you wouldn’t love being there or associated with them.Politics killed hard working citizens turning the entire nation into a beggar.

    Join us in this and your wealth will be preserved,your future will be predictable.Lets wipe out politicians who think we are blind and can walk their path,let them walk our way and win our hearts from the trueth they speak.

    I don’t support either of them but a love Raila’s position than Rutto’s.

    Have a lot to say but for next topic

  • Elijah Andika

    Mr. Prime Minister should not take Kenyans for a ride. When something close to Khs. 3 billion was released from the finance to the Minister of Lands Hon. Aggry Orengo to resettle the post election violence victims, Raila was quick to lie that no money had been given to Hon. Orengo. This is one man who has no feelings for the suffering of the IDPs. Some day they will have to give us how that money was spend, and how much interest it earned.

    • Oludavin

      Go tell yo-mamma rubish! U mean Raila and Orengo are seating on 3. billion Kshs meant for IDPs? I think we can’t have better idiots like yourself.

      • Bk

         pole sana am not his mama and am listening to him

    • Pratt

      Orengo was given the lands ministry for this sort of purposes! Corruption thrives in Raila’s courtyard like ocean waves but we only talk about when its on the other side!

  • anne

    Nothing makes me sick like these kind of nonsense………..what the hell are you showing us?  you should talk better things than this,   no one is any better whenever in a rally or a prayer meeting,  we are used to Mchogoano in rallies.   Mr. PM,   are you sensing defeat?

  • Anonymous

    Is Raila himself implementing the constitution when he claims that parliament and not the principals will decide the election date, yet the same constitution states very clearly that the date can only be set by the IEBC?? The only matter parliament and the principals can agree on is when to dissolve parliament and the coalition Govt, paving the way for IEBC to set the election date and which is its exclusive mandate. 
    Raila is therefore deceiving the public, as usual, that he is very democratic when he is merely using the indecision on when to pull the plug on the coalition to pretend that he is doing Kenyans a favour in kicking the ball to parliament to decide on an election date, a futile action in itself. Anybody can go to court and challenge any such decision as unconstitutional, and the court will agree. Why is Raila therefore pretending he does not know that, given that he has competent legal advisers who can inform on the correct position?  

    It is now obvious that Raila is just a political opportunist using the new constitution to score political points. Only a complete dunderhead cannot see that.  

    • flomarang

       He does’nt have any adviser, he threw double m out, what do you expect???????????

    • Mazzdark

      So don’t vote for him, na jioni ulale, ama!!

  • Pratt

    Prime Minister Raila is an envious and malicious character whose mischievious ways have brought untold suffering to this country. Its obvious the Pm is having fixation with himself. His illogical ways are really amazing. If you are opposed to him, you dont have to be given space at all. And he wont stop there, he will have to cook up malicious excuses to get his way. Remember when the then Ocampo six came back from the Hague for first time, Raila’s goons attacked them just before their meeting? Thus, when he believes the steam is being taken away from him, somebody must suffer because of his uncchecked desperation. Raila is a real evil man! He has been very unhappy with G7 prayer meetings. He therefore has to shamelessly pretend to have feelings for PEV victims! If you look back you will realize that he has been operating like that through and through. When he said he had not been consulted on some constitutional office appointments, he used this same same illogic. When he said refugees from Somalia should be freely allowed in to the country, he use same illogic. When he abused the clergy for suggesting chages before passage of the new constitution, he used the same ill-timed illogic. And surely, when he called others watermelons for saying that church men were too our brothers, the same malicious logic was at play. To him everything has to be forced if not agreeable! Everything thats not supportive, no matter how well intentioned, has to be criminalized! Democracy demands that we agree to disagree, then support the majority view and then move on. But to character of fictitious achievements, rapant lies and fake reform agendas, democratic disagreement is a stigmatized crime that should be heavily punished! This is pure madness and recipe for politics of utter hatred. Why cant someone match what he says with action? Democracy is not based on crazy ironclad vile illusion! Why has he not prayed for victims in both Kibera and Mathare whose houses have been taken over by his thugs? Why has he not prayed for his own victims of Mau forest? Why has never ever helped PEV victims while totally opposed to other side? Cheap vile jealousy should not be displayed at national level. And heartless folks should not pretend to be our saviors when all they have is total wickedness!  

    • Kadgo

      Your arguements are always baseless,empty,malice,fabrication and total sheet.The fact remains that all politicians are the same.Amongst them no one associates with the poor;IDPs,street families,aged,umemployed name them.I don’t understand who u r advocating for.A chameleon will always remain a chameleon irrespective of the environment.Revise your school of thought and don’t judge others that much becos u r not rightous yourself.

      • Flomarang

         pratt is it, those who have ears let them hear. it democracy you have your opinion also.

      • Pratt

        Thats rich pal! And you are seem to be a good student of Raila. You only managed to cook up facts in a miserable attempt to protect, its really amazing! Which politicians are same? I thought Ruto and his group have tremendously helped the PEV and even Mau forest guys? Has your village idol done anything at all? Does he ever help anyone? Does any other politician use malicious propaganda and pretentious love for us like Raila to get support? Point one for me and give instances please. Your tribal loyalty is extremely twisted and uncalled for. Everytime facts are laid on the table about your demi-god, you all go wild and resort to abuses. But that doesnt change anything at all. Truth cant be challenged by abuses and incoherent lies. The fact remains that Raila is extremely dictatorial and very vengeful indeed. Why would we stop Kenyans from taking part in national matters just because of expressing their different views? And you remember Raila’s reason for saying we do that? Simply because G7 is going around telling people not to vote for him! Can you compare the two? Does he equate himself with the country and constitution pal? And whats evil illogic? Someone has lost his balance or what?

        • Mazzdark

          If you don’t like him just don’t vote for him, and vote for the person you want, why all the emotion and bile? Ni kura tu, Wakenya!!!!

        • Eugine

           Pratt,your openion isn’t stupid,,,your are stupid

          • Stupid people think everybody else is stupid.Bure kabisa,stupid Eugine.

          • Eugine

             justin av neber imagined that u this ugly in reasoning

    • nyakenda

       you can tell this to the birds!

  • Kangethe

    I think Raila should know that we dont know who can be a president of this nation only God who but we know who cannot be. He got the PM docket after people shed their blood and he should be aware of that.

    • Janes

      thats true

    • Njoroge

       Kangethe you are so shallow minded,how can u say that ‘WE’ know who will not be the president of this nation,u and who? How many votes do u have personally? What made Kenyans shed blood anyway? You can’t solve aproblem by running away from it.Refresh your memory before u air out your rubbish.

    • nyakenda

       you are right Kangethe and the other principal also got his second term after people shed their blood….happy now?

  • Karisasi

    Majority coastarians support Raila.
    Thats why I said with all confiidence that PWANI IKO NA YEYE!!.
    Kalonzo is Kigeugeu popularly known as the Multi-coloured gecko.
    Godwilling Raila will win in all the seven counties.
    Raila Hoyee!!!!!.

    • Pratt

      Dont lie to yourself pal, am from coast and I dont like Raila’s deceit. Tell us whats going to make us vote for him. Dont just say empty things that are supported by nothing. If it was about character and integrity, Kalonzo would be miles way from Raila. You are swallowed by Raila’s malicious propaganda and thats all. How many times has Raila changed parties? Let me refresh your memory. From Ford Kenya he moved to NDP, then Kanu, LDP, Narc, ODM-Kenya and now ODM. Who is kigeugeu here, Kalonzo or Raila? How many parties has Kalonzo jumped and purposely to lead another? The so called lack of stand for Kalonzo is merely Raila’s wickedness and no more. Just the same way he pretends to be a reformer when has failed to reform any single shred of a thing! Never think empty propaganda can ever change the truth or course of history. Raila is now drowning in his massive sins! And if you think am wrong, just wait for at least 5 more  months, the earth under his feet will certainly move away!!!!   

      • Mazzdark

        Una kura moja tu, na siku ya kura ni moja, utapiga kura jioni utalala

        • Pratt

          Whats your point my friend?

      • Kemb

         I am also from coast and I will vote for Raila,

        • Pratt

          Your perfect right pal!

      • Supaman

        This is really some desparete arguments being put forward, from the length of your comments you are really drowning in some kind of crap. Vote the people you like and we will see how far they get. You dont win by discrediting you win by putting a good argument for a candidate, so far you have said totally zero….Why do have so much bile.

        • Pratt

          What are you saying?

  • andy

    Please lets stop posting our ignorance here!! Who cheated you these politicians are enemies!! They do business together and dine together at night. By day they pretend to set us against each other and tribes….We exercise our ignorance and tear into each other and play by their games. WHEN WILL WE EVER LEARN. They are seeking power for their own ego and self gratification. Nobody should cheat you he cares so much about Kenya.Before jumping to support  either side…reflect for a moment about your own cause!!

  • Dodo

    odm got power thro blood of innocent kenyans odinga should be ashamed to present himself  for 2012 election he should face the hungman  b4 next election 

    • Silasapollo

      your argument Dodo are baseless and uncalled for. Didn’t PNU do the same? I think you should learn to differentiate between emotional judgement and logic. Yours are pure emotions without facts.

    • Kemb

       Dodo even ababy knows what happened,we are going to vote for Raila.

  • Ndwara

    Really, some things are not called for. It is unfortunate that our brother Ruto is faced with this hague situation. It is also unfortunate that his anger is misdirected to Mr Ralia. But surely Ruto must be having elderly advisers. When you find yourself in hole please for havens sake stop digging. It is for you good that you focus ahead and move. Calling Raila names, saying so many things that he is taking you to hague is not helping but just proving that these charges could be true and bringing you other character Ocampo will want to use to show the world how far you can go if you want something.I am specifically praying for you to sober up, move on and have genuine prayer. God does wonderful thing to humble people when they pray. We are in our prayers just like the IDPs because for now we just want to believe that you are innocent. As for Raila, forget about him.we know they tried their best to bring this thing home and because of the same rebellion you are advancing he lost it.How can our memory ve that short. NATURE IS UNFORGIVING.

  • Beano74

    Its so unfortunate that Odinga is in everyones head, we dream, eat, sleep & drink (if not drown ) in him.
    so many bitter persons commenting here have no inling what they are yapping about. instead of expressing your pea size ideas that mean nothing to the nation, wait for election date and vote your watermelons

  • nyakenda

    the arguments aside, this face off brought out two different characters while RAO was composed and ever smiling, WSR wore a bitter face and struggled with words…poor Samoei the chicken have come home to roost for you! Your 90 years of ICC have come faster than you thought, its your baby carry it man with humility and stop blaming other people

  • eli

    when your read some of this comments it is as if RAILA has been the president of this country since indepedence.We should remember the new world order in this country is now favourable to all communities and people within its boundaries, no day a community or communities will ride roughshod again never again

  • Kindly educate me Kenyans, have been trying to figure out what development agenda, or some project for the benefit of this country at large that RAILA has initiated and seen it through to fruition- i can’t get it, may b activism for the new order, but again, who are the Authors?

  • Wamatuba

    Wow! just a developing country and democracy is about to kill us all.PLO said ”a time the tree of democracy has to be watered by human blood….”I can see it coming.

  • ShaqBad

    I will support either of these vampires if anyone of the creatures has a proven progressive record FOR Kenya and MADE in Kenya. Otherwise, Ruto, Uhuru, Raila are all criminals including their loved ones, MP’s, who have chosen to remain in Nairobi and away from their constituents at the expense of CDF and tax payers. Its SIN.

    Are they the kind of blood sucking vipers you are all supporting and purporting to be your leaders?? Throwing a shoe….

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