#Spa Review: Aromatic Mud treatment in Thalatepee Suite

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There is something very alluring about Ocean Beach Resort located in Malindi, Kenya. Perhaps it’s the broad, flat and expansive beach or maybe it’s the constant strong coastal winds that keep the hot summer temperatures bearable. But for me, it’s the ethereal oasis nestled beyond the inviting semi-Olympic pool with Jacuzzi – Morjana Spa – that promises to rejuvenate and heal through water.

Salus Per Aquam, or commonly known for its acronym “SPA,” which means “health through water” is realized at Morjana Spa. The Spa features specialty and tailored multisensory treatments that provides spa-goers with invigorating experiences thanks to combining the five senses – sound, sight, touch, smell and taste.

The Thalatepee Suite is a multipurpose cabin for massages, Turkish bath, sauna and much more, where temperature and humidity can be adjusted in accordance with the treatment to be performed. Made of okoumé wood, the warm and comfortable environment ensures that spa-goers are always in the ideal climate condition, allowing their bodies to optimize the benefits from each treatment.

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Aromatic Mud Pack

Set at 38°C and 99% humidity, the door to the Thalatepee Suite swung open revealing a dimly-lit cabin with indirect lighting, which changed colours behind a motif of Morroco’s skyline, blanketing the space in beautiful sunset colours. Ambient music played in the background as the trickling of water flowed. Salt steam permeated the air and the beautiful smells of organic matter, probably from the therapist preparing my Rhassoul mud, awakens my senses.

I lay face down as the warm Rhassoul mud, which has been used by Moroccan women for more than twelve centuries, is generously applied all over my body after my skin has been cleansed and prepared. My skin tingles as I feel my pores opening from the warm and moist climate, absorbing all the oligo elements. I turn and lay on my back, my eyes adjust quickly to the dim colour and ambient light and I can feel my muscles relaxing. I lay naked, slathered with the velvety smooth mud all over my body as I take in the humidity in the cabin and slowly let my eyes grow heavy until they shut.

I am gently awakened by the soft lights that automatically switch on after the treatment ends, spotlighting the powerful shower in the corner. After a thorough rinse, wrapped in my bathrobe, I lay and rest on the lounger outside. Slowly my quickening heartbeat slows and my thirst is quenched with a cool bottle of water. My skin feels soft, delicate and fresh; and I feel so relaxed that I can’t even remember the day of the week or what I had scheduled for later. The Morjana Spa is definitely one of the finer ways to forget time.


Morjana Spa, Ocean Beach Resort, Malindi, Kenya, (+254)705-204-590, www.oceanbeachkenya.com

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