Cosmopolitan under fire after calling Kardashians “America’s First Family”

Kardashian cosmopolitan

For their 50th birthday, Cosmopolitan decided to have members of the Kardashian/Jenner family – a move bound to get the people talking due to the fact that it had been years since all the sisters were seen on the same cover.

As you can expect, the cover did get a huge buzz online but not because of their gorgeous cheekbones or sexy, curvy bodies (surprisingly all five women were as covered up as it gets) but because of a caption.

The popular magazine known for its raunchy articles referred to the women as “America’s First Family” – a move that left many mortified and outraged.


Some of the responses on Cosmopolitan’s Instagram were from viewers vowing never again to purchase the magazine after it compared the Kardashians to the Obamas.

Cosmo may have gotten the world’s attention on their 50th birthday cover but its all for the wrong reasons.

What are your thoughts on the caption used to refer to the popular reality stars? Did Cosmo cross a line?

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