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    Momayi, what you are reporting is actual. Yes, indeed there was no need for these cases to be taken to the Hague should our politicians would have accepted to raise the bar by declaring that dont be vague lets go to Hague. The problem in our society is absolute mistrust and impunity.

  • Hans-Peter Kaul is a neo-Nazi for whom Africans being paid to kill each other is a welcome gesture. Follow his rulings at the ICC court. He always dissents and has been the cause why most of Ocampo’s cases end up being thrown out. And to think that this blood-loving racist will be in office until 2015 is blood-cuddling!

  • Raila

    Hans as better judgement ,Once again Let the Appeal of this Guys be listened by a Different Chamber , Hans Disenting Opinion Holds alot of water if you have ever studied CRIMINAL LAW

  • Techtransfer51

    Regardless of his disent, the judge is still in the minority. In a court of 3 judges, it will take another judge to agree with him and this is not happening. The state has already lost the argument that the ICC does not have authority, so the judge seems to be beating a dead horse. In actual fact, he seems to be protesting, which leads to the question – since he knew that the issue of jurisdiction had been appealed and denied, why did he not pull out instead of sitting in while knowing that he would not “judge”, but recite the same old argument. I would say that he is a political judge.

  • Mchelanga

    Great analysis chief

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