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  • Crochigurl

    Nigerians I love this protest and I think we All should put all our countries predicaments in one basket not just to fight for fuel but also Light and Jobs. Goodluck is trying to end a cartel obviously, but putting nigerians tru difficulty will only increase public hatred for him. If the NLC have been bribed by this cartel!! Nigerians should seek justice. President goodluck should understand that nigerians have bottled up anger over the years and increasing the price of fuel will only cause poverty in the nation. We have Gold, Coal, mineral resources yet the give fight for oil. Who are we? We are simply slaves in our own country. For peace to reign Jonatan should concentrate on reviving the refineries we have and add more refineries to what we have here. Thereby creating more job opportunity for citizens we have been under the armpit of X-presidents of Nigeria. The Nigerian police are extremely corrupt that I can’t describe my house to an officer because he cud come tomorrow as an armed robber. This is as a result of bad government and poor resources for training and poor accommodation for this fellas. In this time of crises in the country. In this time of crises leading to religion crises which could divide Nigeria, this subsidy arises. Please Mr president you should build this countries well. Prepare infrastructures provide constant light Reduce ridiculous taxes build and reconstruct our refineries and reduce fuel to N11.00 just the way it use to be and free Education to reduce the level of illiteracy in the country. Companies who.are charged excessive taxes by Lagos state government to the extent we pay consumption tax how can they employ youth? Please Nigerian leaders be considerate you can’t be buried in ur graves with stolen money. Wen you die those banks pretend u never deposited money there at all what is the use? If Nigeria wants to be divided into two countries, then it should be done peacefully with mutual understanding. Northerners and southerners

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