#DidYouKnow: Windows 10 spreads to more than 75 million devices

windows 10

Microsoft said Wednesday that Windows 10 has spread to more than 75 million devices since the new operating system was released less than a month ago.

The US software colossus is intent on seeing the new-generation operating system aimed at computers, mobile and other devices running on a billion gadgets.

Windows 10 is powering more than 90,000 different computer and tablet models, including some that date back to the year 2007, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of marketing for Windows and devices, Yusuf Mehdi, said in a series of tweets.

More than 75 million devices now run the software, with the number “growing every day,” he said.

Some 14 million people installed the Windows 10 operating system in the first 24 hours following its release on July 29 in what Microsoft touted as an “overwhelmingly positive” debut.

The stakes are high for Microsoft as it pushes out the new operating system for both traditional computers and mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

The company is hoping the new system can help it gain traction in the mobile sector, where it lags behind Google Android and Apple iOS, and in emerging technologies for computing.

Windows 10 — to which Microsoft skipped directly from Windows 8 which got a lackluster response — is being offered as a free upgrade for most devices, making it possible to be available quickly on billions of devices.

It will allow for voice, pen and gesture input, and in some cases biometric identification for improved security.

Word of the spread of Windows 10 to devices in 192 countries came as market tracker International Data Corporation forecast that worldwide personal computer shipments will fall by 8.7 percent this year and continue to slide through next year.

“Although the shortcomings of the PC business are obvious, a silver lining is that the industry has continued to refine the more mobile aspects of personal computers ? contributing to higher growth in Convertible and Ultraslim Notebooks,” said IDC senior research analyst Jay Chou.

“The de-emphasis of touch on Windows 10 also paves the way for a more familiar experience and continuing unit growth on large-screen systems, particularly All-in-One PCs.”

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