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  • Oludavin

    It might have taken a stolen election by KIBAKI to spark off PEV violence in Kenya but the tribal and ethnic fissures have been there for generation. The Kenyans might refer to them with the politically-correct title of ‘communities’ but the Kikuyu dominance, both in politics and the economy over the last several decades, have left lingering resentment and anger amongst other tribes. The vision 2030 is coined to continue unfair distribution of resources. Example, the way the TATU and ICT cities are designed, the construction of super Thika highway among others are just but continuation of the past injustices. I’d have thought that since we have embraced decentralised government, the counties should be boosted with mini Tatu ICT cities. In the past, smaller tribes would ally with bigger ones to play kingmaker and any one group, needing the support of others to govern, would have to build bridges and roll the pork barrels over them. It might be backward-looking, but at least it will ensure that when angry members of disaffected tribes come running after you with a machete, you will be able to see them before they strike. What has changed to raise our hopes for peaceful and fair elections, unity and equal opportunities in the future? What has changed so far for KIBAKI to promise us a smooth transition. He should firmake a smooth transition in his conscience about the 2007 stolen elections, the PEV violence, the victims and the IDPs plight before thinking of any legacy legacy. Economic/Infrastructure legacy? Give me a brake! The cost of living under Kibaki’s rule has skyrocked almost over 150%, so that is the legacy….!!!!

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