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(CYNTHIA MUGI) Whether you live in a mansion or a small apartment there are several interior décor tricks you can use to add color and bring your living room to life. The changes you make do not need to be expensive.  You can add color by simply adding accents to your décor.  Here are some tips!

  • If your walls are white, cream or some other stark color, you can add life to them by hanging a large piece of wall art.  You don’t have to get your art from an overpriced shop; Maasai Market is an excellent place to get brightly colored pieces of art.
  • contemporary-chic-colourful-living-room
  • Another excellent way to add color to your living room is to use a large vase.  Vases are available in various colors and shapes and make an excellent addition to interior décor.
  • Take an ottoman and make a fitted slipcover for it in a different color then place it in the middle of your living room as a center piece.
  • Another great idea is to find a colorful tray and place it in the center of your ottoman or coffee table.
  • If you have neutral colored drapes, add a different colored band at the bottom or top of them for a unique look.
  • Grab a colorful throw and drape it over your sofa for a delightful burst of color.
  • highlow-colourful-livingroom-cus
  • Bring in an accent chair or reupholster the back cushions of the couch you have. You could use a patterned fabric or a solid color.  Either way you will get a designer look without buying a new sofa.
  • If you own the house, or have permission from your landlord, you can add excitement by painting an accentwall.
  • You can also bring color by adding a large patterned floor rug or carpet.
  • Get colorful throw pillows and place them on your couch.

With the ideas listed above there is no excuse for living in a dull, neutral space.  For more ideas on how to bring life to your home check out our blog



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