20 year old father tattoos his son’s face on his own


Tattoo on face

A young father has commemorated the birth of his son by getting a life-sized tattoo of the baby on his face.

Christien Sechrist, 20, from Houston shocked friends and family when he posted the picture of his “awesome” tattoo of baby Perseus on Facebook.

He wrote: “Thanks Cody Gibbs for doing awesome work on me! Looks just like my son.”

He didn’t get the reaction he was hoping for, however, as one friend commented: “Why on your f***ing face?! How are you ever going to get a real f***ing job to support your son with a tattoo on your face?”

However Christien stands by his decision and even went on tell Buzzfeed that he has no regrets and that if he could, he’d do it again.

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