#Conservation Tastemaker: Community marine project in Kuruwitu

turtles kuruwitu

What began as a response to overfishing and unscrupulous harvest of fish, has now become a model for marine community conservation initiatives in Kenya.

Started in 2003, the Kuruwitu Conservation and Welfare Association (KCWA) is based in the community of Kuruwitu, and has now grown to protect important biodiversity along a 8 square kilometre stretch of the Kenyan coast between Bureni and Mwanamia.

The scenic expansive landscapes of sandy beaches, coral reefs, lagoons, ancient indigenous coastal forests, coral platforms and even caves in this area; are still preserved in their pristine state thanks to KCWA’s initiatives.

Aside from establishing a 60 hectare locally managed marine area, local fishermen and tourists have benefited from a 300 percent increase in fish biomass and a turtle conservation scheme.

Projects in the future include building upon existing marine sanctuaries, turtle protection and rehabilitation, income generation projects such as coral gardening, and establishing an education & cultural centre.

If you’d like to learn more or get in touch, head to Kuruwitu.org.

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