Twitter unveils new features for verified users

twitter verified

Every day, people around the world use Twitter to keep up with live events, discuss their interests and create connections. Many of these people are public figures in areas such as politics, entertainment, journalism and sports.

On the tails of new a feature – Twitter on Tuesday unveiled a new advertising program that incorporates video ads – the platform has built additional features that will enable public figures — verified users — to engage more easily with the world through Twitter.

Verified users often entertain a large volume of conversations on the platform, and to make their engagement for efficient, Twitter on Wednesday revealed two new features to verified users on the Twitter mobile apps: alerts when another verified user follows them on both the Android and iPhone apps and the option to view their verified followers from their own profile on Twitter for iOS only.

According to Jinen Kamdar, Product Manager, “We [Twitter] will continue to work with their media partners to make Twitter more engaging and easier to use.”

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