Women tell 2 lies a day, men, 3


This survey took place in the UK, but we have no reason to think the results would be any different here in Kenya. In fact, they could be worse!

According to a new study by the Science Museum in London, the average woman tells 728 lies in a year.  That works out to roughly two lies a day.

Meanwhile, the average man tells 1,092 lies a year.  That works out to about three lies a day.

The lie women tell most often is, quote, “Nothing’s wrong, I’m fine.”  And the lie guys tell most often is, quote, “I didn’t have that much to drink.”

20% of women and 25% of men admit they’ve lied to their mother.  That’s compared to just 10% of men and women who admit they’ve lied to their partner.

82% of women say it eats away at their conscience when they lie, while just 70% of men say the sam10

At the same time, 84% of men and women think there’s such a thing as an “acceptable” lie.  That includes THREE in FOUR who’d lie to spare someone’s feelings, and 57% who’d lie if they got a gift they didn’t like.

Overall, 55% of people think women are better liars than men. I’m sure you all agree with that!


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