Gadget: Cool bracelet and app ensures you’ll never be sun-burnt again

june bracelet

Be sun savvy – that’s what JUNE by Netatmo wants all of us to learn.

Showcased at the  Consumer Electronics Show 2014, JUNE by Netatmo is one of the head-turning gadgets of the annual Las Vegas event.

JUNE is a smart bracelet that serves as a protection against the sun, liken to a high-tech sunscreen.  The sun bracelet measures sun intensity in real time and daily exposure to help protect the user from harmful UV rays, avoid sun damage and prevent premature skin aging.

JUNE is designed in the spirit of a diamond, with facets that glimmer and shine like the rays of the sun. Versatile, JUNE can be worn as a bracelet or as a brooch. The fashionable gadget is available in 3 colors: platinum, gold or gunmetal.

No longer will you have to guess when to re-apply your sunscreen!


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