Clutch it! you can never go wrong

Clutch or clutch bag, whatever you prefer to call them are the tiniest and yet to some extent the most expensive fashion accessories in the handbags department. But  very useful accessories they are as they come in very handy.

I always find it unlady-like and tacky for any woman to hold so much stuff in her hands or fill her pockets with a million things while they can simply invest in a clutch bag. These tiny bags can be such lifesavers and just know that they can make you look effortlessly tres chic while at it.

There are all sorts of shapes, designs and sizes of clutch bags and nowadays you can get one to suit the occasion. There are clutches small enough to fit just a mobile  phone and a credit card (that is if you really need to use your phone and find it tacky to carry it in your hands) and some that are big enough to even carry a notebook or two, keys, make-up etc. There are clutches for the day as well.

Some clutches go through  a thorough detailing process and depending on this factor the more detailed a clutch is, the more expensive it will be. The “gistiest” of this lot are the minaudiere’s which are the tiny box shaped clutches that seem to have a lot going on them such as the ones using precious gems as the fastening detail. Most of them are tiny but they ooze such sophistication.

When it comes to the different Shapes of the clutch,the clutch makers will not disappoint you as there are different kinds of clutches to suit your need.

You will need a clutch if you need to:

*Spruce up your outfit or brighten up a dull outfit

*Carry something simple and easy to carry around

*Look chic and appropriately dressed instead of tacky

*Carry important items such as a mobile phone,compact powder, car keys…etc

A lot can be said about you and what you clutch at. It should always suit your outfit and the occasion.

It would look so wrong to be in a jeans and t-shirt combo and carry a minaudiere. Or pair a very elegant ball gown with an oversize clutch or worse yet a handbag, how odd you would look.

Clutch bags can help bring out other accessories that you are wearing like  belts and scarves and they also help break monotony of a monochrome outfit.

Check out the images below of Victoria’s Secret model Selita Ebanks ….A clutch for every occasion



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