Kenya Fashion Week 2013 designer profile: Nomadic


Set for August 24th, Kenya Fashion Week 2013 will be bringing together 14 designers from across the world at Villa Rosa Kempinski in Nairobi, Kenya.
Introducing: Nomadic


Nomadic is a compilation of individualism mixed with charisma. Nomadic deals with a very unique type of fashion that comes  from the African khanga material of which originated in Tanzania and  has a wide range of color and pattern. Nomadic deals with the selling of carefully stitched khanga clothing that are comfortable and have a therapeutic feel to them.  Nomadic are the type of trousers  you want to wear when your about to kick back,  relax and enjoy the outdoors with friends and family!

Nomadic is made up of a group of four young and enthusiastic entrepreneurs who are all students at Peponi school.

Wasim manji- head of accounts a

Muhoho Kenyatta – head of production

Rudra khanna, the head of operations

Waruru Wachira head of marketing

Being a group of young and flexible entrepreneurs gives Nomadic an advantage as they can easily expose their business to the public and also provide a playing field of new ideas of which can be used to push them to greater heights!


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