There’s a new drink in the bar courtesy of Crown Beverages Ltd.


Redd’s Vodka Lemon alcoholic drink recently got a Kenyan launch courtesy of Crown Beverages Ltd. As the name suggests, Redd’s Vodka Lemon has a crisp lemon taste that’s guaranteed to connect with consumers who love to enjoy themselves in a party atmosphere.

It is an invigorating ready-to- drink beverage comprised of high quality vodka infused with hints of lemon for a zesty flavor.

The new drink has 7% alcoholic content meant for consumers who are looking for a crisp, clean and invigorating alcoholic beverage to complement their high energy night life.

“I am excited to launch Redd’s Vodka Lemon. A high quality, fun lifestyle and stylish alcoholic beverage. The only beverage that complements who you are through a variety of offerings and a perfect representation of what Crown Beverage Ltd is all about.” said Anthony Grendon the MD of Crown Beverages Ltd.

The new Redd’s Vodka Lemon is available in a 330 ml returnable bottle.

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