Remembering ‘Enter the Dragon’ actor Jim Kelly

 im kellyWith his fascinating skills in martial arts, Jim Kelly was an honor to watch on screen. Although his career in acting was brief, he battled his way through successfully. Last weekend, Kelly died at the age of 67.  Kelly’s former wife Marilyn Dishman told CNN that the actor had died of cancer, although she did not elaborate more on the event.

Kelly worked throughout his life as a hardworking martial arts instructor in Los Angeles until he filmed his first ever role in the action movie “Melinda.”  Kellyis best known for the 1973 Bruce Lee film “Enter the Dragon”.

Kelly’s afro hairstyle, 6-foot-2 frame, martial arts skills, and wisecracks; left memorable memories with fans. Kelly took up tennis as a professional and became a ranked player on the USTA senior circuit.

Kelly said to the Los Angeles Times in 2010 that he never left the movie business, despite pursuing other careers outside of acting, “It’s just that after some time I didn’t get the type of projects that I wanted to do”.

Jim Kelly will be missed by many.

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  1. geminitwinworld July 6th, 2013 at 7:24 pm

    kelly was the nicest man even recenly when interviewed upon bruce lee anniversary he had the nicest things to say and he’s well mannered too i want to research his other movies but they are hard to find though


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