Layer it on with a cute trench coat

It is COLD! and the cold is more vicious in the morning. Picking an outfit to wear can be a daunting task but then again “Nairobi Winter” is not soooo brutal considering other times the weather is usually the best. You can always find a way to work around it when it comes to what to wear.


Like I said, dressing for this cold weather can prove tricky! It’s not the best weather to show off your cute top or dress so you might as well get away with wearing a sack underneath your trench coat. Especially if you’re going to be outdoors for most of the day.

You can trick your way into making people think you put a lot of effort in your outfit by throwing on a cute trench coat and that is why you should splurge on at least two good ones.

You can get some ideas below and find a way of working with your existing wardrobe.

# Look 1

In most cases a long sleeved top, or a warm sweater worn under a trench coat will do the trick.


#Look 2

If you can’t be bothered to dress in dull colors, you could go the pastel and white way. The pastel pink trench coat here is just too cute and feminine. The colors here are subtle yet trendy.


# Look 3

If black is too dull for you, try and inject a bright neon color into your ensemble. You will love the attention you will get from all over as the bright neon will make you stand out from the rest in all your chic-ness glory.


# Look 4

Yellow and black definitely go together. The best thing about “Nairobi Winter” is that you can get away with wearing faux leather pants the whole day. Something that is not usually possible.


# Look 5

Mix bright and neutral colors and get a balanced look.


#Look 6

This look would be ideal for that first-thing-in-the-morning business meeting. You will agree with me that green, black and gold blend really well.


Keep it stylish regardless of the weather.

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