Dating chronicles: Is moving-on overrated?


I was always the girl that never believed in this thing called love. The one, who would proudly tell all her girlfriends that this is just an illusions’ feeling and it does not exist.  Of course, they would all say ‘Wait on your turn its coming!’

So a few months down the line I met him, oh yes, and I fell for him deeply. He had this sense of class and finesse, this sleek way of dressing and he was cute. We did everything together and it was pretty cool. My parents were aware of our relationship so from time to time I would visit his family and he would visit mine too. We had our moments and yes I felt elated. All my posts on face book were always linked to him or our relationship. And there were millions of photos I would upload of him and me together.

However, this unprecedented happiness only lasted a year. We started arguing over the simplest of things and it’s like the little things that used to matter were like vanity so we called it quits.

Just a month later, I was phoning him telling him how much I miss him and that I made a mistake and just as I presumed he missed me too. So he agreed on us giving it a shot once more but we did not last even two weeks. We ended things.

I then met a new guy and I liked him but when it came down to trying out a relationship I chickened out because I thought it was too fast and I barely knew him but deep down I knew it was because I compared my new guy to the ex and undoubtedly they could never be the same.

My ex and I broke up and made up about six times before we finally parted ways.

So here is the question, was that love, was that the feeling of love or simply a case of trying to move on but it’s never that easy…

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