4 men’s top half wardrobe must haves

Men have it easy when it comes to clothes. A t-shirt/shirt, a pair of trousers and shoes. That’s it! But that doesn’t mean they don’t have to put in any effort to look good…which for them still comes easy.Since men’s clothes are all similar, there’s little that can be done to look different. But there’s a way…

The way you dress your top half really matters (aside from shoes that is…which always have to be on point BTW.)

Below are 4 top half items  that you can never go wrong with in your wardrobe.

v neck tees

These just make you look different and neat. Most people wear round neck tees so with your v-neck and especially one in a bright color you will stand out from the crowd without even trying.


Graphic tees

For a little humor or for a look that will make you look approachable, a graphic tee will do the trick for you. These also help break monotony and it’s rare to find someone else with the exact same tee.


stripe tease

Stripes help break monotony of always wearing mono color shirts. Horizontal stripes also help show off your physique (broad, manly shoulders) and they tend to make you appear brighter, dapper and trendy.


Light jackets

It is bound to get chilly at night and cold weather especially in June/July is unavoidable so stocking up on light jackets that have proper details and are of good quality are a MUST have. Throw this on over a not so cute shirt and you’re good to go.








images from Forever21.com

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