Kenya stands tall at Rotterdam Film Fest


The well travelled Kenyan movie Nairobi Half Life will be at the Rotterdam International Film Festival starting this weekend and so will the latest flick by co-producer Ginger Ink, Something Necessary.

Excited to be backing the venture, the Kenyan Film Commission sees it as Kenya stamping its authority in film production.

The two Kenyan flicks are among 18 others that have been given four slots each to air at the festival.

Tickets to two of the NHL screenings have already been sold out, and Director Tosh Gitonga might be hoping to add to growing list of accolades for the film; including 5 Kalasha awards, Breakthrough Award at the AFI Film Festival in Los Angeles, and Best Actor at the Durban International Film Festival.

Director Judy Kibinge will accompany her more sombre movie, Something Necessary, which premieres in Nairobi tomorrow.

It tells the story of Anne, a woman struggling to rebuild her life after the post election violence in 2008, which claimed the life of her husband, the health of her son and leaving her isolated farm in ruins.

It also tells the story of Joseph, a troubled young gang member who participated in the horrific violence and who is drawn to Anne and her farm seemingly in search of redemption.

Screening schedule


28.01.2013 – 19:15, Cinerama 6
29.01.2013 – 09:00, LV
30.01.2013 – 15:00, Cinerama 7
02.02.2013 – 18:15, Pathé 6


25.01.2013 – 21:45, Schouwburg Grote Zaal
27.01.2013 – 11:30, Cinerama 6
31.01.2013 – 22:30, Oude Luxor
01.02.2013 – 19:00, Cinerama 4

The Rotterdam fest starts today and ends on February 3.

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