Epson expanding mobile and cloud printing services

Epson has set sights on expanding its mobile and cloud printing services for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, which allows people to print documents and photos directly to their Epson printers from a mobile device.

The new and expanded services being introduced into the local market include original Epson solutions, collectively known as Epson Connect. These new technology has already proved a big hit in other global markets and the company is keen to expand in Kenya its current cloud printing printers’ range (Epson Stylus PX730WD, Epson Stylus BX635FWD) by launching in the next coming months two additional printers, Epson L355 and Epson L550, with iprint functionality. All the Workforce Pro printers being launched globally have mobile and cloud printing capabilities.

In recent years, increasing numbers of people have used smartphones and tablets to send electronic mail, browse web pages, and create presentations and documents. However, it has been difficult for users to print out their work because mobile devices have not been equipped with a printer driver.

The widespread use of these devices has also increased demand for printing services for people on the go who want to print documents when they are outside the office or the home.

To meet these needs, companies like Epson introduced into the market original mobile services which include the Email Print and Epson iPrint solutions. Email Print is a service that allows customers to print out electronic mail and file attachments by simply sending an email from their smartphones or other mobile device to an enabled Epson printer.

By using this service, people on the move can check mail on mobile devices and print out essential emails and attachments such as documents, presentations and tickets on Epson printers in their home, office, and other locations.

Epson iPrint is a print application for the latest iOS- and Android-based devices. By downloading the Epson iPrint application and connecting to a wi-fi-enabled printer, users can print out a wide range of contents ranging from photos and documents to recipes, coupons, and web pages.

“Epson is delighted to announce the launch of Epson Connect,” says Mukesh Bector, Regional Sales Manager for East Africa. “We are thoroughly committed to exceeding the expectations of our customers, and firmly believe that Epson Connect and other cutting-edge mobile and cloud services provide enhanced options by allowing enterprise and other customers to connect with Epson devices wherever they may be.”

And with the uptake of smartphones set to increase in Africa going to the New Year, the company is keen to introduce solutions that will resonate well with consumers. According to data from InMobi Ad Network, smartphone penetration continues to grow steadily in Kenya, portrayed by the increase of 0.5 percent in ad impressions from Q1 to Q2 2012, to now constitute 10.4 percent of all ad impressions on the InMobi Ad Network.


Epson has also declared its commitment to supporting mobile solutions provided by other companies. By supporting these solutions, Epson hopes to provide a platform for customers to print out documents regardless of their location, and without a printer driver.

Not only do the new printers being introduced into the market offer a very low cost of ownership but they are also Epson iPrint compatible.  The revolutionary mobile application will allow Epson customers to print and scan their documents and photos using your tablet or smartphone. It also enables them to preview and print Microsoft Office documents directly from the cloud using advanced printing options and wirelessly scan and save files from a nearby Epson printer.

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