Nokia’s new HD headset to accessorize Lumia model

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Nokia has launched a new range of headsets to enrich the Lumia Experience. The Nokia Purity High Definition (HD) headset is a high quality accessory built out of scratch resistant material.

The headset offers rich and dynamic sound, making it a seamless companion for your mobile device. You will hear everything, whether you are listening to your favorite music or talking with your favorite people, with crisp quality. The Nokia Purity HD Stereo Headset is a boldly and stylishly designed ultra-comfortable on-ear headset aimed at offering ‘The Best Sound for the Best Phones’, making it ideal for long listening sessions.


Users have a choice of four colours, namely white, black, cyan and fuchsia, making it easy to get one to perfectly match your favourite Nokia Lumia smartphone. Weighing in at 180 g and measuring 290mm x 40mm x 200mm (LxWxT), this on-ear headset fits cozily on the ears, thanks to the comfy soft ear cushions.

With integrated music and call handling controls on the ControlTalk cable, you can play your music and take incoming calls handsfree. The headset comes with two cables, a dedicated mic and ControlTalk cable for Windows phones and a microphone enabled cable for other devices. Nokia Purity HD Stereo Headset is compatible with any phone, music player or other device with a 3.5 mm audio connector, including other Nokia phones.

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Tangle free cables

Neatly packed, the headset comes in a hard-shell carry case, protecting the headphones from dirt and dust as well as from damage. Two flat tangle free cables are also part of the Nokia Purity HD Headset. Tangle free cable technology has several advantages, including longer lifespan, as wire breakages are minimized. The adaptors in both cables are colour-matched for compatibility with other Nokia handsets and other audio devices. An instruction booklet is also included in the sales package.

The Nokia Purity HD Headset comes with metal hinges that auto-snap on fold, making it collapsible to fit in the carry case. The case is also fitted with a belt clip, making the headset ideal for outdoor use such as hiking. With a simple pull movement, the headset can be extended to fit one’s head comfortably.

The stylishly padded ear cups serve to reduce external noise as well as support them to hang over the ear, perfectly fitting one’s ear regardless of shape or size.

Audio controls a button away

Fully compatible with the Nokia Lumia windows based devices, you can receive calls with crisp quality. The headset comes with buttons for full media controls, including the power, play and pause buttons. To skip to the next song on a playlist, double tap the pause button. Triple pressing the pause button navigates to a previous song. Handsfree call functions can also be accessed at the press of a button as the headset comes with call answering and ending buttons.

The Nokia Purity High Definition (HD) headset is retailing at Kshs 15,000 and are available at Nokia care shops: Hilton, Hurlinghum, Mombasa and Kisumu.
It is compatible to any device with a 3.5 mm audio connector, including most Nokia models and computer ports.

Nokia Lumia
Nokia Lumia
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