Make a statement with your Coat!

We don’t have extreme weather conditions in Kenya and that’s a mighty good thing when it comes to fashion. There’s never need to stock up on those heavy jackets that wear you instead of the reverse! On the downside though, we have very unpredictable weather meaning most of the time preparing your next day outfit the previous night can present you with a mighty tricky situation the next morning.

Sometimes it pours the whole night and so we have chilly mornings and since no one likes carrying around a jacket for those just-in-case moments and then it doesn’t rain…there’s a solution! We’re lucky enough that we don’t have to own so many coats… just one chic coat that makes a statement will do. And even better, you will only need it in the early morning then toss it aside when it gets warmer. Oh! and of course maybe at night when you need to be up and about.



Statement coats! These lovely coats can help you dress up any outfit.

They come in various colors, cuts and styles and you can wear them however you feel comfortable-whether all buttoned up, all unbuttoned, half unbuttoned, with a belt or belt free and loose.



Tip: Find one in a bright color that complements your skin tone and then make it your point to pair it up with the right accessories as seen below.


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