Luxury makes world go round, says Karl Lagerfeld

Luxury is what makes the world go round, and France is still top of the game, Karl Lagerfeld said Thursday at the opening of a celebrity-studded photo show devoted to Chanel’s little black jacket.

“There is a French touch that shows immediately,” said the white-haired German designer, who has all of Chanel’s clothes made in France — with the exception of shoes in Italy and knitwear in Britain.

“For now we are still unbeatable, but it is a battle,” he told AFP when asked about emerging market competitors snapping at the heels of the French and European luxury sector.

“If I don’t defend French luxury then I might as well leave,” he quipped.

“Luxury is stuff that nobody needs but it has a huge advantage: people want it. And people will make much more effort for a desire than for something they more or less need,” he said.

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