Muthoni DQ goes up against Batman

Muthoni DQ is at it again, employing creativity to release her latest video; Feeling It.

It is most likely the very first video in Kenya to be shot on the Scarlet Red Camera.

“The Scarlet Red Camera was the same one used in shooting Underworld, Pirates of the Caribbean, Spiderman and the Social Network to name a few. The quality on these cameras is something else,” she told Capital Lifestyle.

Muthoni, who took great pains to get the camera from an international film crew currently in Kenya, has branded the launch of her video as a ‘night of the Super Heroes’.

“This is why. The launch of my video will be an exclusive event and it will be followed by a screening of the blockbuster movie The Dark Knight Rises. I will be taking 50 of my most loyal fans to the movies with me, where we will watch the video and then the movie thereafter.”

The release of the video comes two months after the song was let out of the studio.

It will be happening on Friday (Aug 10) at the StarFlix Cinema in Prestige Plaza.

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