Data collection in relationships

(THITU KARIBA) I attended a talk by Michele McKinney Hammond, who said that dating was all about collecting data. I agreed with that word and ran with it. What I found out along the way, is that it takes dating more than one person to gather the data required to make your relationships a success.  The world has this idea that you can date two or more people at a time. That is not the kind of dating I am talking about. If you are to conduct research on any topic, you require varied sources of information, in order to draw a conclusion and the same applies to relationships.

Lately I have found myself in a hot mess with my current and ongoing relationship because of lack of knowledge. That being the case I have taken it upon myself to make dates to collect data on the matter at hand. My issue was on how men think and how to love a man by respecting him. I got to making dates with my male friends to collect the data I needed.  One told me things that allowed me to understand that men don’t act a certain way because of pride but because they are created that way. Another man gave a great example by stating that even if a lion was surrounded by grass he would die of starvation, lions do not eat grass, it’s not pride, it is just how they are made.  That for me revolutionized my thoughts towards men totally.
I made a date to collect Data from my father, from Christian men, from men I knew and men I did not know all that well, I made a date with God my father daily, and I made a date with books written about men. I was on a mission to get as much data as possible which I would use in my conquest to have a successful relationship and eventually a successful marriage. I know and understand that this is not all it takes but it’s a start.
In order to understand something we must take time to define it, study it, appreciate it and respect it.   When all this is said and done make a date with the one you love and collect more specific data. I came to realize that men assume that women naturally understand how they think or feel but we have no clue. Women expect men to know and understand them and their emotions. A woman may think that her mate  just doesn’t care for her or he’s  just being  plain mean, but that is not true, men really have no clue what to say or do at times…like when we cry.

The statement that:  ‘lions do not eat grass’ goes for both men and women, it is not pride nor stubbornness nor confusion nor emotions.  That’s just how women were made. It is true what the Bible says, ‘people perish for lack of knowledge’. This is true in all relationships, be it friendships, business, marriage etc. Your relationship, friendship, partnership and marriage can die from lack of knowledge. Mine was on the brink of just that, but I chose to do something about it. It is still in ICU but that is far better than the morgue.

Take time today and each day to make a date with knowledge about what and who you care about. Pray for wisdom to be able to apply the knowledge in the manner God would have it so you can succeed.

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