Prezzo, Malonza up for eviction in BBA bombshell

South African Head of House Keagan dropped a bombshell in the Stargame last night, when he removed himself from the eviction line-up and placed Malonza there instead, effectively splitting the Kenyan vote and reducing Prezzo’s chances of winning the $300,000 jackpot.


Keagan, who had been up for eviction after securing 3 votes, used his powers as HOH to save himself and putting Kenyan lover-boy Malonza there instead.


Judging by tweets and Facebook comments however, Kenya might still have a chance in the game because the most unpopular of the lot at the moment is Namibian lass Lady May. The least eventful on the other hand is Uganda’s Kyle.


Here are the other nominees on the list; Goldie (Nigeria) and Junia (Namibia). Capital Lifestyle predicts that Kyle and Lady May are most likely to go home.


With only 12 housemates left and 6 already up for eviction this week, there will most likely be some housemates that fans will have to save each time, seeing as there are 35 days remaining.


It is the first time Malonza is up for eviction and Prezzo too, since he was saved last time by Nigerian songstress Goldie.


Last weekend, after the exit of Malawian Nafe and Namibian Tamara, all Downvillers were moved to Upville, and the final round of the Big Brother game officially began.


Vote now to keep your favourite housemate in the game. Who would you like to see winning the mulla?

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