World’s most peculiar social networks


The world has strange people, with even stranger interests. But it’s a free world, especially on the world wide web where social networks are uniting people from all walks of life. Here is just five of the interesting social networks, most of them originating from the US and also quite active members.

Everyone and everything your friend in – where everyone and everything is your friend

No friend request, no follow back, no special connections. Ncludr (I guess its pronounced includer) uses an advanced synchronization algorithm to link you to people with the same interest.

If you have self-esteem issues, this is the site for you. You will never be rejected or unfollowed. “Here, everyone and everything is your friend. Even unstable past life hotties. Deal with it,” states ncludr. – moustache touché

So you fancy growing a moustache and you want to connect with similar newbies or get advice from veterans? Well, is just the place to let your (facial) hair go. The site has different moustache groups including Dali, Walrus or Pencil where members discuss all things moustache. Also featured on the site is the stache chat, message boards and e-mail. – calculate your marriage expiry date

Divorce360 is a social networking site for people contemplating, going through or recovering from divorce. The catch phrase is ‘If its over, what’s next?’. With over 27,000 members of different marital status, the site offers a platform for people to share their experiences in issues of custody, child support, alimony and litigation. There is a widget on the site that calculate’s your chances of getting divorced! – old is not boring!

Feeling facebook is too immature for you? Meet, social networking site for people over 40 years old, or more commonly known as Boomers. Members build profiles, share photos, talk about their kids, share gardening tips, discuss arthritis and all the exciting things boomers find interesting. There is a ‘longevity calculator’ that determines your life expectancy and offers personalized advice for ‘living longer and healthier’. – click to enter heaven

“Congratulations on being inducted into heaven at 7Pm on August 2.” This is the welcome message to new members on the “heavenly” social networking site – Members of the site earn karma points by “blessing” people, confessing sins, starting a good cause or spreading the cause. Enough Karma points helps save your ‘soul’, increasing your chance of getting to ‘heaven’ – on Sunday’s. And ya, there is an online counter to remind you time is running short for this weeks heaven intake.

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