4 tips on rebounding back to romance

After every breakup, your mind is far. You indulge in ice cream, vegging out on the couch, watching chick-flicks, listening to sappy songs, go on shopping sprees and bake until your fire detector goes off.

Regardless of whether you ended it, or he did, you will still feel sadness and coping with the sudden free time often sparks up a time of mourning – mourning of the conclusion of a relationship.

This is where the rebound guy comes into play.

You need a pick-me-up, someone that will help distract you from everything else, and ultimately, boosts your confidence to get you back in the game.

Finding the perfect rebound

Try new things
Rebounds are a great opportunity to date someone you wouldn’t normally go for. Perhaps, the creative-types were always too free-spirited for you and lacked stability, or the accountant-type was too safe for you but always knew what to say to make you feel great. Regardless of what kind of guy you end up choosing, the emphasis should be on finding someone that makes you feel good.

Don’t find a replacement
Don’t bother on ones that remind you of your ex. Rebounding is not an excuse to find a replacement and stirring up all those negative emotions. If you want to feel depressed, you can just stay on your couch.

No expectations
Most rebounds are destined to fail. Yes, the relationship is meant to end, and the rebound-phase is finite. Don’t go into a rebound relationship with expectations, after all, your motivations are not the most genuine to begin with. Simply relax, enjoy yourself and see where things go. It’s true, you never know – the meathead narcissist colleague could be “the one”, or NOT.

For the God-fearing
Spiritual discipline may not be the most glamourous relationship advice, and certainly not the most popular way of rebounding, but why not rebound with God? Restore your heart, mind, body and strength through confidently trusting your heart with God. After all, the best defence of the heart, is to first give it fully to Him.

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