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You can always tell how healthy a man’s bank account is by looking at his shoes. Any man wearing a quality pair of shoes will always get thumbs up from me. Why? Unlike women’s shoes, men’s shoes are very expensive! I am talking about a quality pair of say dress shoes going for up to/ over $800 USD. But it’s always worth buying a strong expensive pair because if taken care of well they can last you up to upwards of 5 years without even showing wearing out signs. The only downside is that you can get bored of wearing the same pair of shoes for that long.

dress shoes

Men who love quality can be excused to have only 3 pairs of shoes (this includes house slippers). If you look at the intricate details that go into creating a man’s shoe you will understand their price tag. Mostly they will use the top notch materials for detail on the shoes. Leather dress shoes are the priciest of them all.

It is considered fashion etiquette to have appropriate shoes for every occasion. But sometimes the price tags will introduce a different story. For a man, just as long you as you have a nice pair of dress shoes (which in our case are used for official purposes) and a pair of casual shoes, you are good to go.
A metro sexual will want to have shoes for every occasion in every color because he understands what goes with what.
Essentially men should have dress shoes, casual shoes and slip-ons. However, every man just like every human being has his own taste. While some will prefer the comfort of loafers and boat shoes worn on a daily basis, others will prefer heavy footwear like boots and the like.

Loafers are very easy to wear and they are very comfortable. For that weekend chilled out feel, you need a pair of simple slip on’s such as these. No shoe laces involved. They really help relax your feet. Men’s flip flops are also ideal for weekend and beach wear as they will help to air your feet and allow oxygen to circulate properly around your feet.

Men’s knock-offs (which are very common and are still pricey) only look good for just about a month or so depending on how often you wear them and how well you take care of them. They are never weather friendly because of the very low quality material used to make them. They wear out very quickly. With the low quality shoes, you will realize that after some time they start to look funny. Some even start peeling off while some soles crack while others warp prematurely.

Just remember that all shoes should be built to protect and make your feet comfortable as you walk in them. Shoes are very important and feet are even more important so they must be made to look good. Think hard before investing in a pair of shoes and especially if you are about creating an impression on your looks. Ni muhimu…as more often than not, you will be judged you by your footwear!

Casual shoes

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