What your handbag says about you

The Hermes’, Chanel’s, Prada’s, Balenciaga’s, Chloe’s, Mulberry’s et al of this world focus on making fashionable handbags. Expensive, yes…but fashionable. Of course there are knock off’s which are easily available but then again if you love it and can’t afford the real deal (some of which have ridiculous price tags), invest in a good knock off. A knock off that no one will notice easily. Anyway, since every woman should own a handbag your preferred choice of handbag says something about you and we see that right below.


If you are into:

Designer bags – Miss independent. You love the finer things in life. You could be a diva. You love yourself to bits. Your handbag is expensive and people should know that you can buy it if you love it. You love it when other women ogle your handbag and at a restaurant you will even ask for an extra seat to put your designer handbag. You love your bags and take care of them like they are your child.


Birkin bags – I know this is still a designer bag but this one is in a class of its own. It is purely a symbol of ultimate luxury.  A birkin bag says that you are in a world of your own. Your style oozes opulence and you are miss money bags. You eat life with a big spoon.

Do you know that a real birkin bag goes for upwards of $6,000(depending on the materials used) and can take up to 2 years in waiting? Just one of these can feed a poor village comfortably for a month.

People who own this bag include the queen of England, the Kim Kardashians and Victoria Beckham’s of this world, Sex and the City cast among other rich folks.

This bag spells real sophistication! Even its knock off will cost you a pretty penny.

Kikoy handbag – This says that you are true to your roots or simply that you have touristic tendencies. You like life “uncomplicated” and you probably have one bag and wouldn’t be bothered to notice whether it clashes with y our outfit or not just as long as you have something to carry your stuff in.

Bright colored handbags – You are a true diva and possibly a show off. You like standing out from the crowd. You like people to recognize that you have handbags in every color. Bright colors are very recognizable hence you have to have several of them in different colors possibly to match your outfit. You are very chic.



Faux croc bagsYou love animal print stuff and you know that your faux crocodile handbag makes you look like you have effortless style. You know that they are nice to look at and you don’t mind that one bit. You like looking expensive.




neutral colors


Neutral stylish handbags– (Beige, brown, grey and black) You love fashion but you keep it on the down low. You like playing it safe. Even if your handbag is expensive you know you can carry it every day and it will go with any outfit. You don’t like announcing to the world what you have no matter how expensive or stylish it is.



Letterman flap bags – You are probably a tom boy and one carefree person. Your bag probably contains a bottle of water, sunglasses and a notebook. You are very simple and wouldn’t be bothered to have your bag match with your clothes.





Flap vintage handbags You are a fashionista and a girlie girl one for that matter. You like to follow trends and everything in your wardrobe is stylish. You crave looking good and you love compliments.




Real Leather bags – You love quality and paying attention to detail. You know that a real leather handbag will cost you a pretty penny but will last longest, so you can even be comfortable with having just one bag for as long as it will last. You are not bothered about owning 20 purses because yours serves the purpose just fine. Simplicity at its best.

Oversized handbags – You love being self contained! You love having your own everything and are probably a problem solver since you have everything you will ever need with you at all times. You are spontaneous too, since you are always ready, it is easy for you to travel on a whim. You are probably a very disorganized person but you are comfortable with that.

Small handbags – You could be young and straight from High school or you are just a simple person. Your purse probably contains some money, a cell phone and a tube of lip balm. That’s all you need to have with you at any given time. You are also uncomplicated because in your small purse, you know where everything is…you don’t have to empty your purse every time your cell phone rings. You live for the day.

Medium sized bag– You are a daily kind of person.  You know that a handbag is a necessity and that’s why you have one. You carry the normal stuff in your purse at all times. You know it is appropriate for official purposes hence unlike in the small purse some make-up can be found in there.

Patent handbags You are chic and your bags are your main accessories. They help bring out your chic side and because of its glossy look and feel it is very noticeable.

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