• Ndunda Mutunga

    Very stupid tirade

    • Wanjiru Chege

      Totally agree with you, this was very unnecessary!

  • Arap Torormet

    nyc one kumbe the guy is a cheat????

  • drewpal

    hehe. Oh boy, the crystal ball geezer (see that?) shall surely wail!!

  • Zack Njoka

    True, makau is spiteful

  • passerby

    to use a lot of heavy words to communicate that u differ in opinion shows the amount of venom against mutua.message can be simplified in a sentence

    • chege mwai

      It is worthy of a don.

  • Mwangi Maina


  • Mshefa-the Kenyan

    Tehehehehehe. The king (or is it the Don) is stripped naked. Whatcha gonna do???

  • WamsCob

    Me thinks that the writer has much more engaging material than the small distraction of the the Prof choices and remember the prof is through with the basics by a long short….

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