Out with black, in with "nude"


May 25, 2011 – Remember “Sisterhood of the travelling pants”? Well that was a story of a pair of pants that could fit four friends with very different body shapes and sizes. Those pair of pants had some sort of “magic” rubbed on them (I mean how can a pair of pants fit a size 8 and then a size 12 in the same way and make them look good at that?)and I’m made to believe that this “nude” colour  holds that kind of magic as well.

Now which colour is this I’m talking about? There’s always an issue when it comes to describing this colour. Some insist that only a Caucasian (because of their skin complexion)  can refer to it as nude but who really cares? It is easier for everyone to describe it like that. I mean, if you mentioned “nude” as a colour to someone they would know exactly what you are on about.

Nude can be anything from ivory-white to ebony-black or you can describe it as that non-descript beige/peach/pink colour.


Everywhere on the red carpet nowadays you can’t miss at least five A-list celebrities wearing nude (be it shoes or a striking dress) and they never disappoint either. Meaning, if you are into fashion and don’t own “nude” anything, then you are out!

Nude shoes are the new black shoes- you can pair them with practically anything. Some fashionistas will even tell you  that “No nude is bad news.”
What I love about the nude pumps is that they complete your look. Talk about giving you va va voom! Any colour will go well with a pair of nude pumps. Top shoe designers like Steve Madden, Christian Louboutin, YSL, Kelsi Dagger…are having a siesta creating designs in nude. See below how i”nude” holds outfits together…


Whether all dressed up, feeling casual, glamorous  girly, dressy, casual, glamorous…name it!) nude pumps will work for your look. Check out below:


Tip: Patent leather gives it that extra polished look… so now get with the times and splurge on some “patent nudes.”

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