Esther Arunga more popular than World Cup

December 10, 2010 – Makmende and Esther Arunga of the Finger of God fame outranked the World Cup 2010 in the Google’s top ten searches by Kenyans this year.

Makmende ranked second after social networking mobile application 2go, while former KTN News Anchor Esther MAKMENDE_601302311.jpgwas in fifth position.

Google Zeitgeist, a tool that provides insight into Internet search trends, reveals that Kenyans are increasingly using their mobile phones to access the Internet, especially social networks.

Apart from revealing what people in Kenya are curious about, Google Zeitgeist tools also offer insight into which topics were of interest across the globe, from chaos in Haiti to the Ipad and Facebook.

Here is a breakdown on three main searches in Kenya:

Fastest rising searches, Kenya, 2010

    1. 2go
    2. Makmende
    3. Sortilegio
    4. Esther Arunga
    5. World Cup 2010
    6. My African Career
    7. IIEC
    8. Daily Nation e-paper
    9. Opera mini
    10. Shakira

Most popular searches, Kenya, 2010

     1. Kenya
     2. Facebook
     3. Yahoo
     4. Mail
     5. Yahoomail
     6. Jobs
     7. Gmail
     8. Google
     9. Love
     10. News

Fastest rising searches, people, Kenya, 2010

     ESTHER_LOOK_680004511.jpg1. Justin Bieber
     2. Nicki Minaj
     3. Esther Arunga
     4. Wayne Rooney
     5. Emmy Kosgei
     6. Christina Shusho
     7. Trey Songz
     8. Van Vicker       
     9. Ini Edo
    10. Benny Hinn

For more searches take a look at


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