Skirts can be stylish too

December 8, 2010 – Skirts used to be a no-no in my closet when I was growing up. If my mum bought me a skirt there would be no smiling with me …for a couple days!

In those days, skirts were hideous – unsightly pleats, polka dots, gathers; they did nothing to the figure apart from kill it! And your friends would not really be into your vibe when you put on a skirt.

Years later, skirts feature prominently in my wardrobe, main reason: someone wise decided to make fashionable skirts and other bright people followed suit (good people they are.)


Skirts come in all shapes and sizes and colours and if you have nice legs, the shorter the better (say I).

Busy skirts (those with too much design) should be toned down with a very plain top so that they are easy on the eye.
Skirts are meant to show your feminine curves, so whether you are full figured or not skirts can work for you.

For the full-figured, skirts accentuate your lovely curves. For the petite, skirts (especially the really fitting ones) give you flattering curves that are normally hidden by pants.

With a skirt you can pull off a bunch of tricks. For instance, pair up a tight, short fitting skirt with a vest top of the same colour (or different colour if you please), tucked in and you get an evening dress.


Pair a skirt up with a shirt to get the office look, with a ruffled shirt to create a casual look and with a tube top or vest to get a party-ish kind of look.

So, be it a skirt suit or a playful skirt, when in doubt, pick up a skirt. Remember though, when it’s too short, invest in some stockings so that you are not stripped down to your birthday suit – this is Nairobi!

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