Have a merry World Cup final!


July 9, 2010 – Now that the World Cup jinx has been lifted with the exit of our technical brothers from Germany, the play off for third place and the finals is promising to be a mouth -watering affair.

And because Capital Lifestyle is cool like that you might want to check out a couple of places that you could watch these games from.

Seeing as the games are so big you need a massive screen that can accommodate the feel and spirit.

In comes the biggest screen in East Africa, at the Intercontinental Hotel poolside. The screen spans the entire side wall of the hotel. Since it is outdoors, you are guaranteed not to suffocate. The drinks are not too expensive and in case the game is going your way and you are winning the bet, grab a hookah and smoke some sheesha at the luxurious pimped out tent.

Another option is the parking lot at Tamasha Hurlingham. There is a salon in the compound in case you bite your nails from the tension and need to have them filed.

In case you want to kiss the screen and like to concentrate while watching your matches, there is Izalco at the Muthaiga mini-market. It sits about 40 pax and has a big screen that forces you to look at it.

So, Germany and Uruguay are playing on Saturday to contest for third place, while Spain meets Netherlands for the final on Sunday evening.

So, happy viewing and may the best team and the best Octopus win.


I hear Paul, the octopus that has predicted a total of six matches correctly is under threat of being made into soup by the Germans. (Because he correctly predicted Spain’s win over the Germans). So there is another octopus called Jabulani in Cape Town, who is being bred to take his place.

Happy World Cup ladies and gents!

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