Trench it out!


April 26, 2010 – Trench coats are so in! The plain ones have been around for a while (since end of World War II) but now trench coats are for the fashion forward.

Considering how fickle Nairobi weather is of late (sunny one minute and raining heavily the next) and how fashionable everyone has become, trench coats have become a closet must have for both men and women.

Trench coats come in all colours and designs. There are those really heavy, thick ones which will not do in Nairobi. They are specifically designed for winter which fortunately we don’t get to experience, so stay away from those. Stay away from leather trench coats too.

Short trench coats
however are suitable for everyday wear. They end just above the hips making it easy for you match them with whatever bottoms: pants, dresses, shorts and you can do boots or heels. It is your choice. They are trendy and fun to wear. trench_short_737713174.jpg

Tip*Pair your short trench coat with the same colour of official pants, or skirt…and the classy office wear episode is sorted!

Knee length trench coats can go down to slightly below the knee. The good thing about their length is that you can get away with wearing whatever you want underneath – even PJ’s!

With a nice pair of shoes, you will manage that pulled-together look.

However, this only works if you are planning on being outdoors the whole time and there’s absolutely nothing that will make you take your coat off.

Normal coats and jackets can be heavy and cumbersome to carry around and sometimes can cramp your style. And sometimes, showing off that gorgeous outfit is mandatory but then in the wrong weather you may end up looking out of place.

It can get tricky sometimes when you plan to wear a particular short, gorgeous outfit that is whole in itself, then the weather pulls a fast one on you and all of a sudden the clouds are so thick and dark leaving you disoriented. This could mean looking for another outfit altogether but with a trench coat, this need not be the case…

Tip*In rainy or cold weather, throw a knee length trench coat over your suit.

If you are really into the trench look you can invest in a trench dress which will give you that chic, feminine look.

Stylish trench coats are slowly becoming popular with men as well.










There’s a certain je ne sais quoi about men who can pull off the trench coat look… sexy and attractive… However, due to the novelty not all men can wear a trench coat well. Wear them only if you are into them and you are certain they do you justice.

Dark colours like dark blue, brown and jungle green are perfect. You don’t want to look like the hook killer from “I Know What You Did Last Summer” in a bright yellow trench coat.

There are trench coats for every occasion. From double breasted to the military-look trench coats you have no excuse not to own one.

With the right fit and style for your body and preference you can never go wrong and will look like you gave your appearance a second and a third thought.

The good thing is that you can splurge on trench coats and have as many as you can afford and in whatever colour without feeling guilty because trench coats are chic, stylish and most importantly, they are here to stay.

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