Samsung developing mobile operating system

November 17, 2009 – Samsung will be the next mobile maker to create its own mobile operating system, joining the ever-growing list of propriety open-platform mobile operating systems available to consumers. SAMSUNG_INTERFACE_136582939.jpg

Samsung’s new platform will be called Bada – the Korean word for “ocean” – and is set to be unveiled in December.

Samsung has indicated that it will cease to produce phones that run on the once-popular Symbian operating system in the future, instead favouring its own Bada OS.

“The momentum of alternative OSs is unmistakable and will continue to cut away at Symbian’s market share,” says In-Stat vice president of Mobile research, Frank Dickson. “While it is difficult to forecast the future of new entrants like Bada, the market might of Samsung will give Bada life. In the short term, Android seems to have the strong momentum. 2010 will be the year of Android.”

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