Hands On, Hands Off

Hands_on_hands_off_742254131.jpgHANDS ON, HANDS OFF

Don’t over-massage the skin or touch your face too much. A facial massage can help relieve stress, improve elasticity, and provide a healthy glow, but stimulating the skin too much can also irritate sensitive skin and worsen acne or eczema. Also, try not to touch your skin during the day when your fingers might not be clean (enough said).

Do use the “fanning” technique when applying anti-aging creams and serums to fine lines and wrinkles—this will create a crevice-free surface so that the cream/serum can effectively penetrate. Here’s how to do it: Using your index finger and middle finger, gently push the skin on either side of the line outward. Keeping fingers spread, while fanning the product outwards, never pull your skin downwards…every motion is outwards and upwards.



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