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  • AirAsia crash due to faulty component, crew response

    JAKARTA, Dec 1 - A faulty component and the crew's inadequate response caused an AirAsia A320 to crash into the Java Sea last year, killing all 162 people on board, an Indonesian report said Tuesday. Flight QZ8501 plunged into the ocean in stormy weather on December 28,... Read more

  • US Marine found guilty of killing Filipina transgender woman

    OLONGAPO CITY, Philippines, Dec 1 - A Philippine court on Tuesday convicted a US Marine for killing a Filipina transgender woman in a red light district, in a case that reignited long-simmering anti-American sentiment in the Philippines. Lance Corporal Joseph Scott Pemberton... Read more

  • France, Belgium push intelligence sharing after Paris attacks

    FRANCE, Dec 1 - France and Belgium want to improve intelligence sharing between the nine European nations most concerned with jihadist threats in the wake of the Paris attacks, a French government source said Monday evening. French Prime Minister Manuel Valls and his Belgian... Read more

  • Race underway to seal global climate agreement

    LE BOURGET, France, Dec 1 - A day after world leaders vowed to unite in a war on climate change, negotiators at the UN talks get down Tuesday to the nitty-gritty to tackle a slew of bitterly divisive issues. The heads of more than 150 nations gathered in the northern outskirts... Read more

  • China’s Xi heads to Zimbabwe ahead of Africa summit

    HARARE, Dec 1 - China's President Xi Jinping is due to start a five-day visit to Zimbabwe and South Africa on Tuesday, with African concern over the impact of the Chinese economic slowdown set to dominate the agenda. Xi will be the most prominent global leader to visit... Read more