Why getting out of a funk is a chance for reflection and self-care

Burn out, comfort zones and wrong attitudes, these are the little pricks that frustrate your full potential. Masked in a proclaimed truth called routine and repetition, sometimes it can be difficult to find a new way to do things. The first quarter of the year is up and the sense of inefficiency and inadequacy are still a struggle.

I don’t know about you, but that is one heck of a sign. That nagging feeling of meh.
This is where being deliberate and sober-minded comes into play. Because in these days, weeks even of a funk-ish vibe, something is being stirred inside. Like the universe, God more precisely is trying to get your attention to something so profound. Each meticulously designed to our destinies, each their own.

But unfortunately, Similar to everything else, we have learned to cope, more so even walked and worked through the funk right? But it keeps coming back. Why because these little pricks aren’t taken care of. Listen, a funk is never just a funk. It never is and never will be.

Our daily lives are like digging for gold. Dig deep, deeper and deeper and this one time, we reach that really hard rock. A smart experienced miner knows that that’s the jackpot right there. So what does he do, he gets outs the big heavy machines and drilling starts.

Miners never say okay guys wrap it up, it’s a dead end. Let us start from the top. Find another flat surface and hope for the best. So why would we do the same?

Resources end up drained, -from binge eating to being conned due to being desperate-, relationships are destroyed, general health deteriorates, essentially, all hell breaks loose. Life is too cherished for all that. More times than not, if thoroughly reasoned out, shared even, a breakthrough is drawn. Because that pot of gold lies right under that funk. It might be the breather needed to re-energize and strategize. Look at things and situations from a new perspective.
So as we start a new month, purpose to catch yourself before the drift.

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