What does your phone say about you?


I bet everyone has watched the Im Happy video by evergreen Rapper/singer Pharell Williams. On a side note I heard that cartoons and music are his elixir of youth that’s why he looks forever twenty-five. Anyway, the guys dancing in his music video from the church choir to the little gymnast all are evidently in a good mood. There is this particular scene where a guy hops and skips with headphones on his head. That, I believe, is me but well in a different time zone. The pure enthusiasm and electric vibes he projects are an extension of myself.

No one wants to walk around with a phone that’s just for calling or texting anymore. What they prefer instead is a modern device that people can’t help but compliment or glance at. I have to admit I am pretty clumsy and dropping my phone accidentally is always likelihood. That’s why I love my phone’s build quality and expandable memory that ensures all my music is  safe internally and also that it is regularly backed up to the cloud so that I can access them if it’s ever low on battery or I’m unfortunately away from it.

I have always been a stand up guy that would rather stand out that’s why by customizing my phone with my preferences I go all out. Such as ensuring my music apps are right on my home screen and my phone cover is neon painted with that tennis ball lime green that is visible from a mile away. As a Deejay/Music producer, my daily responsibilities include planning and analysing songs for my sets as well as learning new production tips. To do that I love getting lost in the music sonically and hearing it the way the record producers intended. With my phone’s top notch audio rendering engine and processor the rich sounds delivered make my work easier.

After playing my tracks and recording a mix I know that I can easily connect with my audience via sound and video sharing apps such as Soundcloud, Snapchat, Instagram and Reverberation that are directly on my homescreen. All in all being a creative in the music industry you sometimes need some inspiration to spark your genius. That’s why I am always digging for new releases online so that I can add new elements to my music or change my thought process when creating songs or deejaying live at arena’s or parties.

My phone is me and it defines my personality that’s why I love what it does for me and also the hundreds of options it offers that I always treasure keeping in mind that on the off chance I might need them.

by Shane Kairu Kahengeri


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