Otile Brown roasted on Insta for parking at a spot reserved for people living with disability

Drama and Otile Brown one side, the singer is always in one drama after the other.

This time Kenyan singer Otile Brown has been called out on social media platforms for parking his new Mercedes Benz at a spot reserved for people with disability.

This time the “Chaguo la Moyo” hitmaker had posted a picture of himself at Two Rivers Mall, standing next to his new sleek German car in a parking lot. The sign for handicap parking was clearly visible on where he had parked his car.

Kenyans on Instagram did not spare him. They told him off for flossing while breaking the law.

pablokay254 wrote; “Boss hiyo parking spot niya people with disability, Not Ayoba.” i_am_babajuma said; “Why are you parked in a disabled area? Ama ni ile story ya mjulus.”unado_nini commented; “Handicap slot man?? C’mon bruv, as we celebrate your achievement bro plis beware of the areas. Handicap watu waanze kusema uko handicapped pande nyingine ile shikwesh alidai na sisi mafans tunaikana on your behalf.”Instagram user olek4real said; “just don’t park at a disabled spot again.” gaspinharo asked; “Oneni huyu..nani amekurusu upark hapa wewe. Another user called ettah_iam asked, “Do you not get tickets in Kenya for parking in a disabled bay?.”

As much as last year was a good year for Otile Brown musically having released more than five hit songs,his career was marred by sideshows following his relationship with socialite Vera Sidika which included claims of not being good in bed and living beyond his means by borrowing money as well as other things like high priced watches.

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